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In India, to run a food business, you need a license for that. Many licenses are required, but one main FSSAI Food License is the main to run operation. The FSSAI Food license is necessary for the food business, importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, etc. To do a food business in India, you need to take permission from the FSSAI in the form of an FSSAI Food License. 


What do you understand by FSSAI?


FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority. To get a food license, you must follow all rules and regulations by the FSSAI. They check for the safe storage of food, then manufacturing and handling practices; if all is according to them, you will get a food license very easily. 


The main purpose of FSSAI is to protect public health by implementing food safety regulations. In general, their main aim is to provide safe food to the consumers, so you can't doubt while eating anything out. If you are planning to open a food outlet first, you should go for online fssai registration, but before that, you need to know which type of License you need to apply for.


FSSAI has made it compulsory for every business related to food to obtain FSSAI license/registration. 


Check out the list of food business which comes under the FSSAI license:


  • Bakery, confectioners, snack shops etc..
  • Fixed or temporary stalls include juice shops, sweet stalls, vegetable vendors, etc. Those involved in sales, preparation, storage, and distribution must apply for FSSAI Food License.
  • Dairy units, milk chilling units etc..
  • Restaurants, bars, and hotels. 
  • Cloud kitchens and food suppliers.
  • Importer and exporter of food materials.
  • Cafes, canteens, mid-day meal canteens, etc. 
  • Food vending agencies. 


Different types of License issued by FSSAI:


FSSAI issues three types of License:


Central License: Central License is issued by the central government. This is issued for a five-year maximum, and the minimum period is one year. 

State license: This type of License is issued by State Government. This License is also issued for five years and a minimum of 1 year. 

Basic registration: This License is also issued by the state government, but small manufacturers, storage units, distributors, etc. The period of this License is the same as the central and state License. 


FSSAI food license apply online


According to the FSS Act, the FSSAI issues a 14-digit license number to the Food Business Operators. The 14-digit license number should be printed on all your food products. The number should also be displayed on the main outlet of your food premises. 


For online fssai registration, you need to follow lots of things. 


  • You need to submit Form A, in which you need to submit and show your turnover. 
  • For verification, FSSAI takes seven days. 
  • The applicant will get a registration certificate once the application is accepted for your registration.
  • The certificate you received from FSSAI includes various information, such as registration number, photo of the applicant, business place, and operation time. 


So applying for an FSSAI license before starting a food business is advised. As this process is so long, you must wait at least 60 days for the registration certificate.

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